Broadmax Group delivers forward thinking Public Relations, Marketing and Product Strategies to targeted industries at various stages of their business growth.

Industries We Serve


The BroadMax Group knows broadband. Our team has more than 25 years of success working in the industry. We helped fiber operators evolve from startup operations to multi-million-dollar businesses. That knowledge gives BroadMax Group valuable insight working with your team on strategies to meet opportunities or challenges you face. We offer forward-thinking marketing, communications and product development solutions for broadband related business. If you’re a provider, supplier or product developer, BroadMax Group understands your business.

How we help: Internal/external communications, public relations, branding traditional/digital marketing, lead generation philanthropic strategies, event planning, executive communication, e-commerce, SEO, social media and more.

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There are ever growing number of nonprofits competing for grant dollars and donations. Nonprofit organizations need to deliver a compelling message to earn the hearts of donors and standout to funding organizations. BroadMax Group has more than a decade experience working in the nonprofit world through board service, communications and development. Our public relations and expert messaging skills will shape a persuasive story or your organization that will increase awareness, supporters and development dollars.

How we help: Public relations, stakeholder communication, branding, digital marketing, lead generation, video storytelling, media relations, awareness surveys, event promotion.

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Renewable Energy

How can your renewable energy offering make a difference in our world? According to the International Energy Agency, solar PV development will continue to break records, with annual additions reaching 162 GW by 2022 – almost 50% higher than the pre-pandemic level of 2019.  BroadMax Group works with your team to craft a story to position your company as a leader in the renewable energy space. Your brand will stand with increased awareness and more leads.

How we help: Branding, investor relations, internal communications, media relations, consumer marketing, lead generation, SEO, product development, content marketing, social media.

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You have the idea, the dream, the inspiration. Now you have to build a business around it. Stats show you have about five years to make it or break it. Focus on your strengths. Partner with BroadMax Group to guide your brand, communications and marketing strategy. We also offer product development support. Maximize efficiency, pricing, launch and position in the market with our expertise.

How we help: marketing strategy, branding, lead generation, website development, SEO, investor relations, media relations, and more

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Technology is a crowded space. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) there are about 137,000 startups launched each day worldwide. BroadMax Group helps separate you from the field with our communications, marketing and product development support. Partner with BroadMax Group to create a buzz for your business and product line.

How we help: marketing strategy, branding, lead generation, website development, SEO, investor relations, media relations, and more.

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Deregulation, increased competition and the constant threat of rate increases make communication with key stakeholders more important than ever. Brand reputation, employee engagement and customer trust are at stake. BroadMax Group offers years of experience guiding executives with communication strategies at the utility level. From speeches to social media, we can help ensure your messaging is impactful and effective.

How we help: Public relations, branding, stakeholder communications, social media, executive communication, content marketing, special events and more.

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